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Absolutely delighted having found out about GourmetFuel recently. I am not a big fan of cooking and by the time I get around to making food in the evening, I hate what I cook and find I went towards unhealthy options. I have had a number of deliveries recently and have to say the food is absolutely delicious and healthy and helps me to know how many calories I am eating, which is helpful! Really takes the hassle out of having to cook for yourself on a daily basis. Love the delivery service, very timely and professionally packed - always on time. I also had to contact the customer service on one occasion and found the service to be fantastic, very professional, courteous and helpful! I am a fan and really recommend!

Wayne Murphy Avatar
Wayne Murphy

My husband and I have been ordering the Gourmet Fuel since July of this year, and this helped us a lot in terms of time and having a proper lunch with all necessary nutrients. We usually order the XL meal, and it serves us two! The taste and food seasoning are very good. We love the beef chili and 4 beans... and now, with the new meals that has been released, we enjoyed a lot the Bubble & Squeak!!! The deliveries are always on time, and the price really worth it!!!

Amanda Trojan Avatar
Amanda Trojan

I can't recommend them enough. They helped me to keep my glucose levels under control after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
With a newborn baby in the house, we don't have time to cook, we get healthy meals delivered to our door which gives us more time to spend with our lovely daughter.

I put on 15kg during my pregnancy and after 2 weeks I have almost lost all the weight.

The food is absolutely delicious! I have always associated healthy with plain and without any flavor but this is not the case with Gourmet Fuel.

Cindy Alarcon Avatar
Cindy Alarcon

Just started using them to buy dinners for my parents who can no longer cook for themselves. They weren't keen on meals on wheels and a friend of mine suggested Gourmet Fuel so we decided to try it out. I opted for a 3 day subscription of dinners as they can manage breakfast and lunch. Easy to order using my laptop (not my phone). My parents are very happy so far with the meals. We'll try it a couple of more weeks to make sure and if we're still happy we'll subscribe for a couple of months.

Genevieve Daly Avatar
Genevieve Daly

I find the food tasty and healthy and not too expensive.

It saves me having to shop and prepare meals.

So convenient.

Caterina Zeni Avatar
Caterina Zeni

Incredible meal selections that are gourmet and great healthy options! Portion sizes are great and 3 are offered - the large is enough for 2 meals! Super friendly staff, easy ordering, I will be ordering again!

Rbb Avatar

Highly recommend. The food is absolutely delicious! Unbelievable value. I treated myself to meals for the week to make up for having to cancel a long awaited break away in Wicklow after new restrictions in Dublin meant we could not travel. Happy out at home. Thank you Gormet Fuel. Fantastic service😊

Denise Brannick Avatar
Denise Brannick

Great service! Good food! Really encourages to look at portion size differently.

Anna Cecile Cole Avatar
Anna Cecile Cole

Ok, I haven't even had the food, but this dude Rob who works in GourmetFuel really made my day. He was so helpful with everything and went out of the way to help.

I will have the food and give a separate review, but I really want to appreciate how cool their team is. Such nice folks!

anuroop bs Avatar
anuroop bs

My Gourmet Fuel experience has been seamless! A great selection of meal types to suit everyone, even picky eaters like myself! The portion sizes are great and it’s a god send when you’re finding that there are not enough hours in the day, having the pre-made meals means I’m not reaching for something unhealthy - 4 mins in a microwave or 15 in the oven and I’ve something nutritious ready! Delivery was brilliant, I was so impressed with the cooler bag and ice packs to ensure everything is fresh when it arrives!

Gillian Deehan Avatar
Gillian Deehan

Great food and great service. 🙂

Niamh Reilly Avatar
Niamh Reilly

Fresh, good quality and delicious meals. Service informative and prompt. What else could you ask for, simply DeliciousFeul!

Marta Avatar

Great value healthy food. If you're looking for a bit of structure in your diet without insane meal prep, this is the option

Des Traynor Avatar
Des Traynor

So fresh and nutritious! Very skilled nutritionists to prep your fuel to support your goals. I had a specific goal and requirements, the team listened and assessed and then supported me - and the products where healthier than I could have conceived - excellent sources of fats, really clean protein and lots of vegetables and fibre. The best fuel you can find in my opinion. Huge thanks to Emma and her team!

Clare Grogan Avatar
Clare Grogan

Great service, lovely meals and super for helping to keep on track or get back into a healthy eating buzz again!

Caragh Trenier Avatar
Caragh Trenier

A really fantastic convenient service that easily caters to both myself and my partners eating habit as I follow a vegan diet and he eats meat. Hearty tasty meals delivered to the door and all nutritious and filling.

Niamh McCumiskey Avatar
Niamh McCumiskey

Having tired a few different meal delivery options, I was a bit skeptical but I am delighted to have found GourmetFuel! They have a great meal selection, their website is very easy to use and the ability to customise meals was straightforward. Delivery was on time and well packed with ice packs. Although the real star is the food! The salads are delicious and the greens stay fresh and crunchy, and chicken is moist. The breakfast and dinner options are so tasty and filling as well. Highly recommend this company!

Andrea Avatar

So incredibly tasty! We have used a few other companies with ready meals but Gourmet Fuel tops them all. As a new mother it's great to have lunches ready because truthfully otherwise you end up stuffing your face with sweets as time to cook doesn't exist. Will definitely order again and oh' the Chocolate Fudge snack is delicious!

Senja Kaarela Avatar
Senja Kaarela

I recently order some meals from GourmetFuel and found the service to be excellent - great meal choices. There really is something for everyone! Also it was nice to have the option to switch meals each week from the meal plan. The service and the overall professionalism of GourmetFuel means that I will definitely be placing another order with them!! Delighted to support this Iocal company.

Ailbhe Kane Avatar
Ailbhe Kane

Fantastic food and fantastic service! I can't really recommend it highly enough. I'm with Gourmet Fuel for the last 8 weeks and combined with exercising I successfully shredded 11kg, 6" of waistline and 7% of my body fat. Food is really great and if you ever need any help - customer service is just unbelievable. I wish all other businesses had same approach...

Voytec Tec Avatar
Voytec Tec

Gourmet Fuel provide a great range of meal options. Key for me was the fact that majority of the meals were very tasty while also healthy and calorie portion controlled. Never got up from a meal feeling hungry which was a big plus. if i ever missed an order update online i was able to email in revised order and there was no issue. I found trying all the options and then picking the ones i liked best worked well. Very good customer service. Would highly recommend.

Kerry Mulvihill Avatar
Kerry Mulvihill

Great tasty food, fast delivery and a wide variety to choose from. Helped me out massively in my first week home with a newborn. Would definitely recommend.

Marie Byrne Avatar
Marie Byrne

Maybe the best website ever. Simple to use and dishes described excellently. Great photos so that you see exactly what you get with full nutritional advice. Food is extremely good and great flavours,. The fish cakes were a particular favourite and we will continue to shop here.

Michael Kenefick Avatar
Michael Kenefick

GourmetFuel were brilliant and really helped my 95 year old dad by delivering him beautifully prepared meals during lockdown. It meant that although I can't see him and be with him, he had a good nutritious and tasty meal everyday. Cannot recommend them highly enough, thank you.

Kim Yates Avatar
Kim Yates

I honestly can not recommend Gourmet Fuel enough. Their service has been excellent and the team are just so helpful.
Ordering was so simple. Delivery time is quick. Not only are these meals tasty but they are also super nutritious, with the macro breakdown clearly visible for anyone macro counting. Huge thanks for this wonderful service. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ursula Macken Avatar
Ursula Macken

Fantastic service. The food is top quality and fresh with some great selections. I love the Mexican dishes!

The customer service is also second to none. Whenever I have a question someone's on the live chat ready to assist. An example of how amazing the customer service is, was when Jane called after our order to give us a welcome and some additional advice!

If you're looking for help with maintain healthy eating and having delicious food than Gourmet Fuel is the way to go!

Barry Hickey Avatar
Barry Hickey

Best customer service and great meals.
I had an issue in the first week, but they were available right away, listened to the problem, solved it for me, refunded me, and... changed their procedures to improve for all clients in the future! Great way to keep a customer forever! 😀
I now have a subscription; the choice is great, the meals tasty and healthy and no hassle at all!
Also kudos for their recycle policy 🙂

margherita frezza Avatar
margherita frezza

Im on my second week now, Absolutely delighted with GourmetFuel. Their customer service is the best, the food quality is fresh and the whole concept has really made my life so much more easier to manage with out having to worry about food prepping or portion control. Also the nutrition advise is fab!

Nicole Stevenson Avatar
Nicole Stevenson

Couldn't be happier with this service. Takes the guess work out of calorie counting. Jayne sorts out my meals weekly and is a pleasure to deal with. Food is top quality and it is great value for money, the time I am saving not having to prep, cook and clean is great!

David Glen Avatar
David Glen

To be honest....I am very impressed. Food is delicious. It's actually very good value for money. Great selection. Very easily could order a 4 or 5 days of the dinner and have it in work for lunch. Top Quality. Delivered right to my door.

Emmet Cooke Avatar
Emmet Cooke