The festive period can be filled with temptation and indulgence, it can be a struggle to stay on track with nutrition. 

Of course, it’s okay to enjoy yourself over Christmas and the New Year, and take a well-earned break. But maintaining balance is key to long term changes. Use GourmetFuel Survival Guide this Christmas without jeopardising the work you have put in this 2017.

The Party Season is here….the time of year when it’s so easy to give into excess, with the promise in the back of our minds that we’ll stick to our New Year’s Resolutions to get seriously healthy come January.

It’s pretty much a given that we’re going to indulge somewhat over Christmas. I think it’s important to enjoy the fun of the Holiday but you don’t want to have such a huge mountain to climb in the New Year. So, the best thing to do is be prepared and ensure, “Damage Limitation!”

Use our Christmas survival tips to limit your derailing at this seasonal time

  • Ensure your breakfasts are nutritious and filling – preparing you for the season’s festivities. Beginning your day with sugar filled doughnuts and greasy fries each day will set your day off immediately. Have some GourmetFuel breakfasts in the fridge, ready to go so you can being the day on the right foot. Check out our selection of breakfasts here!
  • Maintain a good eating schedule – often people find themselves eating almost 24/7 during the Christmas break. Maintaining meal structure throughout the day will help you avoid extreme over calorie intake. Having a few days on Meal Plan during your time off is the best way to ensure you ring in the New Year feeling ready to take 2018 on! Meal Plans are tailored for your needs, therefore working around your holiday schedule can be done seamlessly.
  • Taking a break from the Christmas Roast – I think we all find ourselves loathing turkey and ham by the 29th, but no one wants to step back into the kitchen too early. Have some pre portioned calorie accurate GourmetFuel meals on hand to tantalize your taste buds. No fuss of shopping, preparation or cooking, simply kick your feet up, continue to enjoy the festivities, get away from the turkey and ham, while also achieving your bodies nutritional needs.

  • Eat before you party – heading to Christmas gatherings where deep fried finger foods are roaming and high sugar mini puddings are tempting you? Make sure you eat a nutritious meal, give your body the energy it requires to avoid downing greasy canapes in excess.

  • Hosting a party? – Choose lean meats and veg nibbles like chicken satay skewers or veg sticks over deep fried spring rolls or filo prawns etc. GourmetFuel Supplement Pots are a great lean alternative!
  • Drowning in chocolate wrappers? – Sitting on the couch eating 50 plus chocolates each evening can be the downfall of many. When your sweet tooth comes calling during your Christmas break we more likely give in then resist. Get your sweet fix from GourmetFuels little balls of joy! Our Hazelnut Protein Bites & Coconut Protein Bites are the perfect addition to holiday movie nights.


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Katie Kavanagh

Katie Kavanagh

Katie is a registered Associate Nutritionist with the UKVRN through the Association for Nutrition. Katie completed her Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Health in Glasgow Caledonian University and her Bachelors Degree in UCD in Health and Performance Science. Before joining the team at GourmetFuel, she worked in a kitchen catering company, and for Our Lady’s Hospice Harolds Cross and is heavily involved with UCD Boxing Club. Her areas of interest are Vegetarian diets, disease prevention and Sports Nutrition.

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