Zoom workouts, Instagram live and 5k challenges. With the world stuck inside their homes, people are quickly adapting to the new ways of exercising and staying active. However, without the right calorie intake, energy, and nutrients in your body, it is impossible to exercise effectively and achieve the goal that you desire.

Finding you’re just too exhausted the next day for round two? It’s possible that it’s not your online workouts, but rather the fuel you’re giving your body to carry out these exercise sessions. Your diet should always be considered before attempting to burn calories. Do you find yourself wondering what to eat before and after your workout? Giving your body the fuel it requires will also give you stamina, energy and the power to reach your fitness goals.

Top Foods for Fuelling your Workout

  • OATS – this slow-digesting carb offers a long-lasting slow release of energy when eaten before workouts. Not only a rich source of carbohydrates they have substantial fibre and protein content. The beta-glucan fibre found is responsible for the slow release of energy from oats which is linked to enhancing exercise performance. Oats also aid in weight loss, as they are full of fibre, keeping you fuller for longer, avoiding unnecessary snacking. Perfect for pre-workout fuel.
  • EGGS – trendy protein foods come and go but an egg is the benchmark of protein sources. It is a complete protein, meaning it includes all nine essential amino acids that your body needs to function. The addition of eggs to your workout plan will give you a nutritional bang for your buck, rich in protein, vitamin D (which the Irish population are in desperate need of) and omega-3 fatty acids.

    Top Tip: Eggs are not just for breakfast, try them in our Caesar Salad with Hard-Boiled Eggs 

  • SWEET POTATO – although protein sources are important, they don’t cut it alone. Sweet Potato is the perfect nutrient-rich source of carbohydrates. Utilising wholesome, plant sources of carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen store post-workout will ensure you are prepared for your next visit to the gym. Also rich in vitamin A, sweet potato is high in fibre. Have you tried our Ginger & Lime Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash?

  • BEANS – Beans are one of the best natural plant sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. Considered to be a starchy protein, with a kick of magnesium which plays a key role in your body’s cellular function including protein synthesis, blood sugar control and blood pressure regulation. Beans boast the perfect combination of carbs to fuel your muscles and protein to build and repair your muscles. Check out our Turkey & 4 Bean cassoulet, available in 300 kcal600 kcal and 900 kcal portions.

  • WATER – Hydration is vital in getting the best from your body during a workout. If you are dehydrated before you even start your workout your core temperature will rise faster, putting added pressure to your body. Being hydrated before you begin will help you get the most out of your session and feel good while you’re doing it. Be sure to continue to replenish your fluid after your workout. This will not only restore your fluid levels but add in tissue recovery. Depending on the type, duration and intensity of your workout, the addition of electrolytes to your water will help with replacing your body’s loss.

What to Eat Before and After your Workout

  • What to eat BEFORE your workouts – Everyone is different, but eating too near your workout can often cause a nauseous feeling and be more of a hindrance. That said, ensuring your body is fuelled is vital. Eating carbohydrates will give you the energy to carry your exercise out to the highest standards. If you are completing your workout early in the day, be sure not to skip breakfast. Eating a balanced breakfast of carbohydrates and protein will set the stage for a beneficial workout.
  • What to eat AFTER your workout – Post workout nutrition is as important as what you eat before. Eating within 1 – 2 hours of your workout will replace nutrients and fluid, while also helping muscle recovery. Carbohydrates are great for replenishing your energy stores, while sources of Protein will aid muscle recovery. Nuts as a snack is perfect, or grilled fish with seasonal vegetables.


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Business Development Manager

Annie is our Business Development Manager here at GourmetFuel. Annie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Food Innovation at the Technology University of Dublin. Before joining the team at GourmetFuel, she worked for a successful start-up company based in New York City where she gained valuable experience in product development, food safety, and allergen management and control.  Her areas of interest are food business sustainability, health promotion, and nutrition research.

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