Grocery shopping can be a truly blissful experience when done right. Wandering the aisles of your local supermarket, getting lost between the bulk items and frozen foods but one thing we must take into consideration is the time we spend shopping. 

The main reason meal delivery services have become so popular is that they’re saving a lot of people time and frustration. Convenience, time saved, and the expert advice of nutritionists and chefs makes meal planning a no-brainer. 

Some of the major advantages of Meal Delivery

If You’re Trying to Shed a Few Kilos

Sticking to your weight loss goals can be challenging, especially when your stuck inside. But using a meal delivery service like GourmetFuel can actually help you drop those extra kilos you were looking to shed. How? You can pick healthy meals with a full nutritional breakdown ahead of time to make sure you’re sticking to your diet and calorie count for the day/week. Having the ingredients proportioned, prepared, cooked, and ready for you to eat makes it harder for you to cheat on your diet. If you have meals and snacks weighed to the exact calorie count your body requires for the week, there are no leftovers to tempt you.

Less Food Waste

It can be time-consuming to plan out the exact proportions of ingredients you really need. Even when you do, it’s hard to get it exactly right. Meal delivery services like GourmetFuel send you all the food weighed, prepared, and cooked to the calorie sizes you selected. No more. No less. The trays used for the meals are also made from an average of up to 85% recycled PET post-consumer content making them environmentally sustainable.


Time is Money

One major reason meal delivery can be seen to top grocery shopping is that it save a lot of people much needed time and frustration to just order online. Convenience, time saved and the expert advice of nutritionists and chefs makes meal deliveries like GourmetFuel a no-brainer.

Irish people spend on average 30-45 minutes strolling up and down the aisles of supermarkets. While this can be a leisurely experience, this time could be spent on more beneficial activities like or walking or spending time with family and friends.

It takes less than 10 minutes to make a healthy eating meal plan on GourmetFuel, that can be made into a subscription from 1 week to 12 weeks. That means you can forget about doing a grocery shop for three whole months!


  GourmetFuel Tesco Avoca
Price  €99 (per person) €83.17 (per person) €128.25 (per person)
Prep Time 0 mins 5-10 mins (Tesco does not offer ready-made breakfasts, therefore they will have to be prepared) 5-10 mins (Avoca does not offer ready-made breakfasts, therefore they will have to be prepared)
Shopping Time >10 mins 30-45 mins (time spent driving/walking, in the store and at checkout) 30-45 minutes (time spent driving/walking, time in the Avoca store and at checkout
Cooking Time 3-5 mins 15-20 mins (breakfast cook time) 15-20 mins (breakfast cook time)
Food Waste 0 kg 0kg-0.5kg (breakfast item waste potential) 0kg-0.5kg (breakfast item waste potential)

Comparing Meal Delivery to Grocery Store Shopping

It’s hard to put a value on time, but if you wanted to see how much you would save let’s think about the value of time being €10.10 per hour (minimum wage). Let’s look at Tesco, if this was the case, to shop, prep, and cook your own food while taking into consideration food waste and price of the grocery shop per week, it would cost you €83.17 per week with up to 0.5kg of food waste. Although this is slightly cheaper than GourmetFuel, all other factors must be taken into consideration when looking at the winner like time, waste and ultimately your goals. 

Avoca, on the other hand, is considerably more expensive, but the factor to look at here is quality. At Avoca, they are dedicated to fresh, quality ingredients and Irish provenance. They don’t add any artificial flavours or ingredients which means all the flavour is coming naturally from their high quality ingredients. 

Looking at all the evidence, meal delivery is the safest and easiest way to fill your fridge with food. It is the most effective way to reduce waste and utilise space in the fridge and freezer. By ordering your meals online, you save hours every week that would have previously been spent driving, parking, queueing, packing, prepping, and cooking your meals.

The truth is, meal delivery isn’t just a source of food: it is a service that designs recipes based on nutrition, decides how to combine them, and delivers them to your door. It cuts out all the other factors and gives you a perfectly designed and well-balanced meal straight into your hands.


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Business Development Manager

Annie is our Business Development Manager here at GourmetFuel. Annie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Food Innovation at the Technology University of Dublin. Before joining the team at GourmetFuel, she worked for a successful start-up company based in New York City where she gained valuable experience in product development, food safety, and allergen management and control.  Her areas of interest are food business sustainability, health promotion, and nutrition research.

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