how to lose the quarantine 15

Keen to Lose the Quarantine 15 – Lockdown Weight Loss

If you’ve gained weight during the coronavirus pandemic, you aren’t alone. The “Quarantine 15” – referring to the weight gain in pounds (a little over a stone) some people have experienced since stay-at-home guidelines went into effect – is probably due to a disruption in daily routine and habits.

During Lockdown, with gyms and sports clubs closed and people staying in, many were swapping their regular exercise routines for ones that can be performed at home. On the other hand, what a lot of people don’t think about quite as much is the low-level activity throughout the day they were missing out on.

For example, even if our job is done sitting at a desk all day, we have to walk at least to our car to get to work. Similarly, we may walk throughout the day; we may walk to lunch. And, so, for spending time at home, that low-level activity may be causing us to burn fewer overall calories.

how to lose the quarantine 15Eating Our Feelings – Keen to Lose the Quarantine 15

During the peak of the COVID 19 Pandemic, given the stressful life situations many of us were facing, along with constant worrying news updates, it may come as no surprise that we were reaching for food to provide comfort. But, this comfort was fleeting, and using food in this way didn’t really help in the long run. In short, we were essentially eating our feelings for four months which has now resulted in the gain of ‘The Quarantine 15’.

Keen to Lose the Quarantine 15 – Tips and Tricks

Hope is not lost! Our team of nutritionists have put together tips and tricks to help you lose that lockdown weight and form good habits for the rest of 2020.

Stop Eating Foods You Wouldn’t Normally Consume

Many parallels have been drawn between this time and the period between Christmas and New Year. We lose track of days of the week and rules are out the window. Therefore, the best way to avoid eating foods you wouldn’t normally eat is to not buy them in the first place! Out of sight, out of mind.


How to Lose the Quarantine 15(lbs)Drinking Your Calories

Excessive alcohol consumption can promote weight gain, mainly from the sugar content of some drinks like white wine, tonic, cocktails, and mixers. So, try to make it to Friday before reaching for the bottle. In addition, try to opt for low/zero calorie mixers like soda water and slimline tonic to limit your sugar consumption.

Maintain a Weight Loss Plan

With normality kicking back in, you might not have the time to shop, prep, cook, and pack your meals every day while still trying to get back into the swing of things. Now could be the time to try a healthy meal delivery service like GourmetFuel. Our team of registered nutritionists are here to help you with a meal plan with personalised nutrition and support.

Get Moving- Keen to Lose the Quarantine 15

Firstly, you don’t have to force yourself to do burpees and push-ups if that’s not your thing. Secondly, exercise can take many forms so find something you enjoy doing and you’re more likely to stick to it long term. In short, it could be a quick run, a morning yoga practice, or scrolling the internet for a quick 15-minute workout!

Have Your Meals Ready to Grab

Most importantly, make sure you have everything you need for the week ahead, allowing for the occasional treat such as a Friday night takeaway. Meals like a Superfood Chicken Salad, Flaked Cajun Salmon with Asian Greens or a Turkey and Aubergine Lasagne are delicious, nourishing, and packed with nutrient-dense ingredients that can aid weight loss and help you to reach your goals.


Sometimes, we all need a little help to kick start our weight loss journey. This is where we jump in. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert nutritionists or give us a call at (01) 2938799 and we can help you reach your nutritional goals.


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Annie O'Brien

Annie O'Brien

Business Development Manager

Annie is our Business Development Manager here at GourmetFuel. Annie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Food Innovation at the Technology University of Dublin. Before joining the team at GourmetFuel, she worked for a successful start-up company based in New York City where she gained valuable experience in product development, food safety, and allergen management and control. Her areas of interest are food business sustainability, health promotion, and nutrition research.

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