The Importance of a Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system can protect us from illness so we need to support this through our diet and lifestyle choices.  

The best approach is a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables with good sources of protein, fibre rich carbohydrates and healthy fats; adequate sleep and rest, daily exercise and good hydration. All the basics. But now, more than ever we are focussed on what we can do to maintain health and protect ourselves in the future.


Unfortunately, good nutrition isn’t a quick fix. It’s good practices done consistently over a weeks and months and years that will result in a robust immune system. But time and time again, the one aspect of diet that is heralded as being the number 1 food source for health are fruits and vegetables.

So, what is it about fruit and vegetables that are so good for us? They contain ‘micro-nutrients’. Nutrients that we need every day but a smaller amount. These are typically Vitamins and Minerals but also consist of Phytonutrients and Antioxidants.  There is overwhelming evidence that people whose diet is rich in fruit and vegetables are healthier than those whose diet is lacking.

   Micronutrients for our Immune System

There are some stand-out stars of the micronutrients who certainly help with immune function:

Vitamin C –  Citrus Fruits, Peppers, Broccoli, Kiwi

Vitamin A (Beta- Carotene) – Orange, yellow and Red fruits and vegetables and dark green leafy veg! 

Vitamin E – Walnuts, Nuts and Seeds,  Almonds, Peanut Butter

Zinc – Shellfish, Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Turkey

Magnesium – Dark Green Leafy Veg, Nuts and Seeds

Selenium – Brazil Nuts, Bread, Fish, Meat, Eggs

At GourmetFuel, our meals are designed by expert nutritionists. They are calorie controlled meals designed to not only to meet macronutrient requirements, but also the micronutrient requirements of men and women.

Below is a standard 1500 calorie GourmetFuel meal plan, consisting of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will yield you, on average over 100% DRV of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium; over 80% DRV of Vitamin E and 66% DRV of Selenium!



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Emma Buckley

Emma Buckley

Emma is the Director of Nutrition and co-founder of GourmetFuel®. She has developed an entire range of health meals and meal plans to compliment healthy living and fuel performance. Emma Buckley B.Sc RNutr, is a Registered Nutritionist with the UKVRN through the Association for Nutrition, from Dublin, Ireland. A UCD graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry a Graduate Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health and a Higher Diploma in Diet and Nutrition. In almost two decades as a nutritionist she has worked with some of Ireland’s most well known food and health brands. She is an international keynote conference speaker on nutrition and health. She has worked closely with professional and Olympic athletes and coaches covering all track, field and combat sports at the highest levels. Her understanding of how food and the body work together along with a team of gourmet chefs, helps GourmetFuel create a beautiful range of healthy, delicious meals. Emma specialises in weight management, sports nutrition and maternal/postnatal and infant nutrition.
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