7 Secrets to a Successful Summer

With Summer in full swing and the sun shining, it’s easy to put our nutrition on the back burner. To clarify, getting back on track after a Lockdown filled with boozy Zoom calls and snacking binges like it was Christmas was not easy, but let’s not undo all the good we’ve done! In addition, with temptations around every corner, summertime healthy eating can be hard. It’s hard to resist a lazy Sunday afternoon BBQ, a creamy 99 ice cream, or a few cold ones out the back garden, but summer doesn’t need to be an excuse to ruin all the hard work. Here are 7 Secrets to a Successful Summer that will give you a little guidance, so you can be your healthiest self this summer.

Here are your 7 Secrets to a Successful Summer

Eat Those Summer Veggies

Nowadays it seems like a lot of people focus on Macros, but it is crucial not to neglect good Micronutrition. Therefore, eating a wide variety of vegetables will give you all the minerals and nutrients you need for a successful summer. However, if you’re feeling tired or just not yourself, you may be deficient in a Micronutrient. Reduce this risk by eating a wide range of foods, including micronutrient dense salads. Try this Superfood Falafel Salad.

Stay Hydrated

It can sometimes be tricky to drink enough water, especially when we’re out and about enjoying the sun, or even while working from home. However, the hot weather can cause us to sweat more, meaning we need to up our water intake. Aim for 2L per day as a rough guide, and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg to stay hydrated, as they are made up of a large percentage of water! If you are exercising, you may need even more. Read more on hydration.

Don’t Over Do the BBQ

Who doesn’t love a Summer BBQ? Although, it is estimated that being at a BBQ can cause you to consume up to a whopping 2500 calories. So, try to fill up on summer salads and watch your portion size. Have some BBQ’d meat or fish, a few baby potatoes from the grill alongside one of our Grated Carrot, Courgette, and Pumpkin Seed Slaw and you have the perfect BBQ plate.

Eat Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Eating fresh, in-season fruit like Raspberries or Strawberries can not only aid your hydration but is also probably the easiest summertime healthy eating tip to follow. For example, summer fruits tend to be high in Beta- Carotene and anti-oxidants helping to protect against sun damage, while winter fruits tend to be filled with Vitamin C to keep away those pesky winter colds. So, if it’s fruit you’re after, our Mixed Berry & Homemade Granola Parfait is one of our most popular dishes.

Prepare Ahead of Time

No one wants to be in a hot stuffy kitchen cooking on a Summers day. Here at GourmetFuel, we can put together for you a bespoke Summer plan, and do your meal prep for you, meaning you have more time to get outside and get some Vitamin D! Moreover, we have over 160 meals, snacks and sides to choose from so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Eat a Varied Diet

Do you eat ‘healthy’, but have the same thing every day? Variety is a hugely important aspect of a well balanced healthy diet, and there’s no better time than Summer to try out new vegetables, fruits, and seasonal dishes. Our meal plans here at GourmetFuel provide you with a different menu every day to ensure you will get the perfect variety of nutrients this Summer.

Eat More Fish

We should be taking inspiration from our Mediterranean friends and eating more fish this Summer. In short, oily fish is packed with heart-healthy fats, brain-boosting nutrients and is a source of the Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D. Why not try our Flaked Cajun Salmon with Asian Greens? It’s great if you are looking to lower your carb intake without sacrificing flavour!


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Katie Kavanagh

Katie Kavanagh

Katie is a registered Associate Nutritionist with the UKVRN through the Association for Nutrition. Katie completed her Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Health in Glasgow Caledonian University and her Bachelors Degree in UCD in Health and Performance Science. Before joining the team at GourmetFuel, she worked in a kitchen catering company, and for Our Lady’s Hospice Harolds Cross and is heavily involved with UCD Boxing Club. Her areas of interest are Vegetarian diets, disease prevention and Sports Nutrition.

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